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In 2024, the UK e-commerce scene is thriving, with Add to Cart ( emerging as a standout platform, especially favoured by Shopify store owners. This post explores the top 10 marketplaces in the UK, offering unique insights into each platform's strengths. From Amazon UK's vast customer base to eBay UK's flexibility and Etsy UK's niche appeal, we cover the key players. Add to Cart shines for its Shopify integration and targeted tools, making it a top choice for online sellers.

The landscape of e-commerce in the UK has evolved significantly, making it imperative for sellers to identify the most optimal platforms to showcase and sell their products. In 2024, a diverse range of marketplaces has emerged, offering unique opportunities and advantages. This blog delves into the top 10 e-commerce marketplaces in the UK.

1. Amazon UK

  • Overview: A global leader in e-commerce, Amazon UK offers a vast customer base and a user-friendly platform.
  • Key Features: Robust logistics, Prime membership benefits, extensive product categories.
  • Ideal For: Sellers seeking wide exposure and a reliable fulfilment network.

2. eBay UK

  • Overview: Known for its auction-style sales, eBay UK caters to both B2C and C2C segments.
  • Key Features: Flexible selling formats, extensive categories, international reach.
  • Ideal For: Versatile sellers and those dealing in unique or second-hand items.

3. Etsy UK

  • Overview: Specialising in handmade, vintage items, and craft supplies, Etsy UK is a niche platform with a dedicated customer base.
  • Key Features: Creative community, customisable shop fronts, seller support.
  • Ideal For: Artisans, crafters, and vintage sellers.

4. Add to Cart (

  • Overview: A rising star in the UK market, particularly favoured by Shopify store owners.
  • Key Features: Seamless integration with Shopify, targeted marketing tools, growing customer base.
  • Ideal For: Shopify users seeking a dedicated UK audience and enhanced sales tools.

5. ASOS Marketplace

  • Overview: Focused on fashion, ASOS Marketplace is a hub for independent brands and vintage boutiques.
  • Key Features: Fashion-forward audience, brand exposure, supportive community.
  • Ideal For: Fashion brands and vintage clothing sellers.

6. Not On The High Street

  • Overview: A curated marketplace for unique gifts, home décor, and handcrafted items.
  • Key Features: Exclusive selection, focus on quality and uniqueness, strong brand identity.
  • Ideal For: Sellers of unique, personalised, and handcrafted products.

7. OnBuy

  • Overview: A fast-growing platform known for its competitive prices and seller-friendly policies.
  • Key Features: Low fees, a wide range of product categories, commitment to supporting UK sellers.
  • Ideal For: A broad range of sellers, especially those seeking lower fees and a UK-focused audience.

8. Wayfair UK

  • Overview: Specialising in home goods, Wayfair UK is a go-to destination for furniture and décor.
  • Key Features: Large audience for home goods, easy listing process, dropshipping support.
  • Ideal For: Sellers in the furniture, home décor, and related accessories market.

9. Zalando UK

  • Overview: A leading European online platform for fashion and lifestyle products.
  • Key Features: Fashion-centric audience, partnership opportunities, cross-border selling.
  • Ideal For: Fashion and lifestyle brands looking for a European customer base.

10. Depop

  • Overview: A community-driven mobile marketplace popular among the younger generation for second-hand fashion.
  • Key Features: Social media-like interface, young audience, focus on sustainability.
  • Ideal For: Sellers targeting Gen Z and millennial buyers, particularly in the fashion sector.

Comparative Table of Top UK E-commerce Marketplaces

Marketplace Speciality Ideal For Key Feature
Amazon UK General Wide exposure Robust logistics
eBay UK General/Auctions Versatile items Flexible selling formats
Etsy UK Handmade/Vintage Artisans/Crafters Creative community
Add to Cart Shopify Integration Shopify Store Owners Targeted marketing tools
ASOS Marketplace Fashion Fashion brands Fashion-forward audience
Notonthehighstreet Unique Gifts/Handcrafted Unique product sellers Exclusive selection
OnBuy General Broad range of sellers Low fees
Wayfair UK Home Goods Furniture/Home Décor Dropshipping support
Zalando UK Fashion/Lifestyle European market reach Cross-border selling
Depop Second-hand Fashion Gen Z/Millennial buyers Social media-like interface

Brand Shop' Conclusion

The UK e-commerce landscape in 2024 presents a dynamic array of platforms, each offering unique benefits to sellers. From general marketplaces like Amazon and eBay to niche platforms like Etsy and Add to Cart, there's a space for every type of seller. Particularly noteworthy is Add to Cart, which has become a popular choice for Shopify store owners, offering seamless integration and targeted tools. By choosing the right platform, sellers can effectively reach their target audience and maximise their online sales potential.

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