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In this deep-dive, we explore the rumours and facts surrounding the status of Blow Ltd. Has the company really closed down? Find out here.

Blow Ltd, known for its on-demand beauty services, announced its closure in April 2023. This decision came after a period of significant growth and investment, including an acquisition by Holland & Barrett in December 2021. The acquisition aimed to expand Blow Ltd's reach and integrate it into Holland & Barrett's international arm, signalling a major phase in the company's evolution.

The Founding and Growth of Blow Ltd

The company, founded in 2013 by Dharmash Mistry and Fiona McIntosh, had distinguished itself in the UK beauty industry by offering a blend of convenience and quality, providing high-quality beauty services directly to customers' homes. Its innovative approach set a new standard in the beauty services industry.

Challenges and Closure

Despite its promising start and significant investments, including a £1.9 million fundraising round supported by Unilever Ventures and a £500K investment from other sources, Blow Ltd faced challenges in scaling its business. These challenges, central to its closure decision, underscore the difficulties of maintaining growth and adapting to the dynamic market of beauty services.

Implications for the UK Beauty Industry

The closure of Blow Ltd has important implications for the UK beauty industry. It highlights the challenges of sustaining a service-based business in a competitive and rapidly changing environment and prompts discussions about the sustainability of such innovative business models in the face of evolving consumer preferences and market dynamics.

Who are the Competitors of Blow Ltd?

One of the main competitors of Blow Ltd is 'Glamdeva'. Glamdeva offers a similar on-demand beauty service, connecting customers with beauty professionals who provide services at the customers' location. Glamdeva has been a significant player in the market, leveraging technology to streamline bookings and expand its customer base. Aside from Glamdeva other competitors include Ruuby and LeSalon, both of which offer high-quality mobile beauty services, catering to a growing demand for convenience in the beauty industry.

Current Status of Blow Ltd

However, as per the latest information available from the UK government's Companies House, Blow Ltd is still listed as an active private limited company, with its next accounts due by 30 September 2023, and its next confirmation statement due by 21 December 2023.

In conclusion, while Blow Ltd has announced its closure, the company remains legally active according to the latest government records. This situation reflects the complexities and the often unpredictable nature of the business landscape in the beauty services industry.

For more details on Blow Ltd's closure and its journey, you can refer to the articles on and Retail Gazette, and the company overview at Companies House.

This information was updated in June 2024.

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